On a panel – History of L.A. Black & Brown Musical Interaction 1/16/14 Cal State LA Music Recital Hall 3PM Free


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Neo-pachukismo y funk tantrico by Rafael Molina, MILENIO, Mexico City

Neopachukismo y funk tantrico

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MEX/LA Art Show: Five Things to Know by Degen Pener, The Hollywood Reporter

The MEX LA Art Show Five Things to Know

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Funk: 50 Years in Show Bidniss by Adolfo Guzman-Lopez


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Los Angeles Times Boyle Heights by Reed Johnson

Los Angeles Times Boyle Heights

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The Tao of Funkahuatl = Tantrik Funk

The Tao, or, the way of Funkahuatl is the merging of spirit, sex, funk, and soul on the path to the Beloved while living your life as a work of art. Tastes of Tantra, Taoism, Sufism, Pachukismo, the Sixth Dalai [“Lover”] Lama, and Rhythm & Blues, tantalize. You know Marvin Gaye advised and pleaded, “We gotta get […]

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THE TAO OF FUNKAHUATL “Freaky, funk, rock, jazz, and spoken word by a magic medicine man” -Falling James, LA Weekly “Amazing artistry” -Anthony Valadez, 89.9 FM KCRW, Los Angeles “Funky and deliciously delightful” -Dave Marsh, The Loft (SIRIUS, Satellite Radio) “Fearless and transcendent” -Vincent Ramos, (Curator, Vincent Price Museum)   RUBEN  GUEVARA & THEE EASTSIDE LOVERS […]

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Jammin’ with John Densmore

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  • The Tao of Funkahuatl

    "Amazing artwork...
    amazing artistry!"

    - Anthony Valadez, KCRW 89.9 FM Los Angeles

    "Funky and deliciously delightful!"
    - Dave Marsh, The Loft (SIRIUS Satellite Radio)

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  • Ruben Guevara
    Ruben GuevaraTo some, Rubén Guevara (sometimes referred to as Rubén Funkahuatl Ladrón de Guevara) is most important as the man behind Ruben & the Jets, the real group that followed in the wake of the 1968 Frank Zappa album Cruising with Ruben & the Jets and left behind two of the finest rock & roll albums of the early to mid 1970s. But Guevara is so much more...
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